I love this advice. It’s positive and true. Like what you do because you can’t live without it—you love it so much. Your passion will draw others to your work. ☺️ Read as much as you write and as often. Always remember, it’s never no; it’s just not now—rejection is time telling you not your time yet; not the right people to handle your brilliance. They need you more than you need them. 💞 Stay strong; hang in there.

A Writer's Path

by Jordan Jolley

Each author has different tactics of writing. Some authors will work from sunup to sundown while others may have part-time jobs. Some may have a deep love for historical fiction while another has a deep love for romance. Of course, one specific set of writing methods isn’t the same among authors. However, there are some tips and habits that will be very useful to anyone who writes. They are important tips.

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