Truer words were never written, I dare say. It wasn’t until I started a “high fantasy “ story did I get a second wind on my writing. My first book (which is a trilogy, but one is done) not only did I get over my fear of writing narrative, I have readers that can tell me about my book and characters and what they like or have questions. It’s like I created my own little slice of Hogwarts complete with countdowns to the next installment. Mythology/ Sci-Fi is liberating. 😌

A Writer's Path

by Doug Lewars

Mythology is a goldmine for authors–particularly those who write fantasy–although some of the plots within the myths can be adapted to other genres as well. Myths are a feature of every culture and they’re generally used to explain natural phenomena or the establishment of cultural norms. They are deemed to be of sufficient importance that courses on the subject are offered at the university level.

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