Information on the Event

I don’t know if I have arrived in my career (no matter if people are looking to purchase this book on Amazon–let me help you out; it’s not there or anywhere), but it has become a bit of an anticipation and preoccupation (I have fans; that’s awesome). Now, for the first time on Twitter, I get to face a bigger world than I ever thought existed. My first-ever Q&A where anyone–even the stars of the films, the relatives of Tolkien, and a few of my author/actor friends can ask me anything about my first complete book of my first trilogy. What began as just a little project with no plans of going over 100 pages turned into two versions (and 1080 pages later) in 730 days.

It is a fan fiction with an edge: it sounds Middle-Earthy as I did research on Middle-Earth and J.R.R. Tolkien to make it as authentic as possible. I even joined the Mythopoeic Society–which I adore–and got as much feedback from pretty much anywhere (but mostly from my Tolkien Library that my cat seems to know when a new book on Tolkien is arriving and sits on the crate until it comes; his name is Aslan). It is the first person account of the life of the Elvenking–from his earliest memories to what happens to him after the War of the Ring. It’s a first draft (because it wasn’t intended to have 5 readers, much less over 2000) but it is in book form–complete with page numbers, chapter headings and even a Table of Contents and an Appendix (all still in production, you can say as I have two more books to write).

Yes, there are canonical characters–from Elrond to Gandalf and everywhere in between as they pertain to the life and times of Thranduil.

I’m proud of my little project–didn’t expect to have readers in the thousands or fans and fan girls, but if my father could see me now, he’d smile. It is dedicated to him. He can’t read it, but he wants someone to read it to him and that makes me the happiest.–J.M.M.

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