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It took me about a year to realize The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy had fans. It took another six months to realize it had a readership way beyond what I ever thought it would be–especially for a fan fiction and a book without a publisher (but not without its offers). In 730 days, I wrote two versions of one book in the middle of a trilogy.

mirkwoodcaverns2aCRED done and done

On the second anniversary of its beginning, I was able to share another version of the book that seems to have launched an elven epic unlike anyone has ever seen before–or so I’ve been told. It didn’t begin that way; it evolved into something beyond anything I could have dreamed.

two years later

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I’ve had a great two years: It took me 730 days to write 1080 pages and 378,338 words of two versions of one book of a trilogy*. At year’s end, I share some of my favorite reviews and can’t wait for the next 1,460+ days forthcoming.

*The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy is an unofficial Tetralogy. When and if it becomes an official tetralogy will be announced at some point in 2018.

Readability Index? You have to judge for yourself. For me, 2000+ readers and counting turned a simple gift from a daughter to her father into a dream I never thought my father would live to see or remember.

The Road Goes Ever On, Professor Tolkien–Thank you.