You’re wondering what do I mean “2nd“. Well the first was July 22 and some of my fans who wanted to be there missed it. Mostly because attention was turned toward Comic-Con 2017. It was not uneventful by any means. I did get to answer questions about The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy, but some had plenty more so I found the next available day (I have two related blogs starting this week and next–both are popular in their own right–and finding time to even write the book is hard). Since one blog debuts on August 5 (later that day) I gave two days to the cause.

Granted, I will be doing this after Book I: The Epic of Eryn Galen (which I’m working on now) and again after Book III: The Last Tale of Legolas Lasgalen, so it will not be the last time. This will just be the last time this year to do this. I have editing to do and editing Book II (while writing an extended version, studying and working on another book is daunting but I can do it).

I can only imagine what anyone would like to ask–especially about the first complete book Book II: The Saga of Thranduil–but after all I’ve gone through, I think I can handle interrogation. My dad wouldn’t let me back out of anything. He told me not long before he got sick that “he didn’t raise me to be afraid of anything.” That was my happiest moment with my dad. It was like he was giving me his blessing to be as strong as he is–and he’s battling Alzheimer’s Disease. I’m hoping to finally see him tomorrow and share what he’s missed while we’ve been apart for nearly four months. I only got to finally speak with him the day before Father’s Day after he got my card. Ever since, he’s been calling regularly and so much, they got him his own cellphone. He’s learning to text, too.

I’m happy to make it this far–everything I put my heart and soul into for my Dad seems to be paying off. Making him proud while he’s still here is the only miracle I would ask for and could get right now (except maybe a cure for Alzheimer’s)–not fame or fortune. Some things don’t have a price because they are beyond monetary value. Time is one of them.–J.

Again: It will be here: TKWRT Facebook Page