I am re-releasing Book II: The Saga of Thranduil on Father’s Day. It was one year this coming Sunday that I gave the first 80 pages to my father and realized that what I thought was 100 pages ended up being 296 pages and ended up being 497 pages of an epic tale about one of Tolkien’s most elusive characters.

The World Has to be My Father’s Eyes Now.

My father suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease and will never be able to read my stories or anything I’ve written in the past 2 years. His family (including my own sisters) won’t read it to him–much less remind him that he has another daughter they won’t let him see (I can’t even call his facility and ask about him or talk to him as I’m not on the list and not a “beneficiary”).

For now, I can only let the world know that I love my father and share things I wish he could see with those that have read my book blogs and Twitter/Facebook pages and have bestowed upon me blush-worthy comments on the story I worked nearly all day and night on for 17 months to show my father I could finish something while he was still with me. Before he got worse, he asked me every day when I’d finish my book. It is a book, so I’m still editing. But he will never know I kept my promise. I’m still editing and it is part of a trilogy, but I finished it. I also have begun the much-anticipated Book I: The Epic of Eryn Galen.

This re-release will have an extra gift–the first draft of the Appendix (characters only for now). People have told me they were writing the characters on paper to keep track of who’s who, so this will be a welcome addition. It is not the entire Appendix–that one comes when all three books are done. It does have all the characters (and then some) from Book II. It reads like a Tolkien Appendix, so it will be used a lot from until the end of the trilogy and back again.

I put my heart and soul into this story and continue to do so. I realize now the only way I will let my father know I’m still thinking about him is through the eyes of the world. The world has to bear witness to a daughter’s love for her father she cannot see and may never see again.

Look for it on Sunday June 18. Happy Father’s Day.–J.