I’ve gotten a lot of reviews and I love them, but this one is special because it’s my first in Spanish and from a historian like me. It blew my mind beyond the stratosphere because I couldn’t believe someone was reading my story that far away–in Ecuador. This is like the Academy Awards of reviews because fan fictions aren’t taken seriously. I personally don’t know if other stories based on Tolkien characters went as far as I have–from learning Tolkien’s language as he created them and learning the history of Middle-Earth as he wrote it in order to fit this story into his world. All I know is this makes all the pain and tears–losing friends and family–worth every single moment from beginning to end. I could go years on this review until I die. It is a validation of hard work. I love the hard work, but to have someone so far away notice, it’s nothing more than pure magic.

Translation: “Congratulations on the book! I have followed it chapter by chapter and it’s a beautiful story based on one of the less well-known characters from Tolkien. I am a historian, and let me tell you that your work is just great. I can’t wait to read the other books. A huge hug from Quito, Ecuador.”

If my mother were alive, she’d love this. If my father knew, he would be proud. I’m beyond humbled. I’m over the moon.–J.