No one reads me here, but I thought I would try one more time.


I know I won’t get any help, but I need it in the worst way. I am surrounded on all sides with things I don’t understand and a phenomenon I never saw coming. You never think that you’ll do anything in this world anyone will notice until it happens and no matter what they say, you are never prepared for it. I am in crisis mode right now and have few options. Day by day I am watching my entire world turn upside down faster and faster.

Why? Over a book.

I am on Chapter 26 of 34 for Book II of a trilogy. It is my very first book and I never intended for it to gain so much notice so soon after I started. In fact, Book II was the book and I ended up adding two more tales. But now, I have fans and they want it to be a book so much they are making their own books from the three Tumblr blogs. It has over four hundred followers, nine Tumblrs and now the Facebook and Instagram and Twitter is growing in popularity by the day. If this continues, there will be more than fans I have to worry about.

I began The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy as just an exercise in writing and in seven months it went from a few notes to a 360 page journey through the life of Thranduil, the Elvenking of Mirkwood. I never thought I had enough but now it has grown to over 500 pages (with the extended alternate ending). What was never to happen is grown into fan boards on Pinterest and fans following TKWR Trilogy everywhere.

Unlike most fan fictions, this one follows Middle-Earth as Tolkien created it. It is an original story with original characters named from Tolkien’s own languages. There is no movie “elvish” as I took the time to learn Tolkien’s languages for authenticity. There is no profanity, no explicit sex, but there are battles–nearly every one told from the perspective of Thranduil (Book II) the perspective of Orothôn and Oropher in Book I*  and the perspective of Legolas in Book III**.

What can I do? Where can I go? Who can I turn to? I am a new author with a book that follows Middle-Earth history to the letter? It is in very rough condition, though some things I have edited and even changed here and there. It will need a professional editor and one proficient in Tolkien Languages to make sure I wrote it correctly. I’ve come to far to turn back now, and have far too much to go. No one will read a new author–though many wish to see it–and a published author has read the briefest synopsis and never heard from him again. I am not too worried–the story itself is so complex, there are backstories for backstories, characters unknown (over 170 new ones) wrapped around canonical characters.

What can I do? I love this story. I love spending my days in Middle Earth as it was–not as some think is should be. But if I do not do something, I fear the worst–a simple story that turned into an epic in less than two years will never see the light of day and anyone can take it from me and call it their own–though it would be hard to do as a good writer would have to know a lot of Tolkien and a lot of Middle-Earth figure out the Mirkwood Family History that no one has seen yet as it is in something called the Chronicles of Iarûr. The story itself is so complex, I have to use my own character cheat sheet to keep them straight.

If you are reading this, I could be drowning in a phenomenon of my own making with little thought I did anything except write a book for my Dad before leaves this world. I can only guarantee, there will never be another fan fiction like this one (and there are those that don’t see it as a fan fiction–they see an extension of Tolkien or a standalone novel that is already epic as raised Thranduil from a child to the Elvenking) who is currently on his way to fight his last battle at Dol Guldur with Celeborn of Lothlórien during the War of the Ring.

I don’t know where to go except to finish what I have started as the calls to publish grow louder and I do not know where to go except it would require to be seen by the Tolkien Estate as new characters are intertwined with new ones so much, it almost seems too natural, I’ve been told. I thought I was just killing time waiting for something else to happen and now, I get fan mail. What can I do? This is not only a cry for help–this is a cry for expert help.–J.M. Miller, B.A., M.A. writer of The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy.

Images: ©2001, 2002, 2003. Warner Brothers Pictures. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. All Rights Reserved.

*Book I: The Epic of Eryn Galen (one book written in the perspective of two elves–Orothôn, father of Oropher and Oropher himself.) It has begun, but will start at the end of Book II.

Book II: The Saga of Thranduil (told from the perspective of Thranduil and the first book started, finished once and about to be finished again).

**Book III: The Last Tale of Legolas Lasgalen (one book writing from the perspective of Legolas from his earliest memories to the end of his days in Middle-Earth). This is the hardest not because of all the events he sees during the WOTR, but there is more Elvish in it. This is the last book, though it has begun as well.