Specific Information about The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy–Book II: The Saga of Thranduil.  Everything subject to change (and it already has) because some things are in the Alternate End that may wind up in Book II. Entire Trilogy Count (After I’m done). Editing only applies to text. All other editing will be collaborative.

Completion Date: Book II (first draft done). Otherwise, it’s when I finish it. I did write Book II in a year, but that only applies to that book.

Narrative: First Person–told by Thranduil. Thranduil also narrates Book III. Book I begins with the narration of Iarûr, Royal Chronicler for Oropher (but he awakens with Orothôn, father of Oropher, born in Beleriand), followed by Orothôn and eventually Oropher before Book II. Legolas narrates his journal. Some narration in verse by The Minstrel of the Rhovanion in and outside of the subsection called “Writings”. Letters written by others narrated by the writer, i.e.–Elrond to Thranduil.

Time Period: From the time of Sundering to the Time the Elves leave for the Undying Lands from the Woodland Realm in Fourth Age (Tolkien overlaps S.A. and T.A. and T.A. into F.A.). Book II covers Second Age to the Third Age with Legolas leaving for the Fellowship. Book III may overlap Legolas’ Journals somewhat. Book I will overlap First Age and Second Age).

Elves: Orothôn, Oropher, Thranduil and Legolas. Sindarinwa Princes. Relationship to Elu Thingol (relationship to Celeborn and his brother Galathil revealed). Also, Amdir and Amroth of Lórien. Noldor, Nandor, Sindarinwa, Silvan (Vanyar as well as others: BI).

Chapters: Book II has 21. Book III: (currently) 13. Book I: Unknown.

Location: Middle Earth. Whatever lies within the surrounding areas pertaining exclusively to The Rhovanion (Wilderlands) or Eryn Galen (Greenwood), Taur-e-Ndaedelos (Mirkwood) or Eryn Lasgalen (Wood of Green Leaves) mentioned in detail. Added: Ithilorn (Founding Tree), Eryn Aelin and/or Eithel Oropher (sic), and the Silver Meril.

Languages: Subject to Expansion. No film languages used. 100% Tolkien. No Modern phrases–if there are, they sound very Tolkien-esque. Most use of elvish is within Legolas’ Journal. No swearing or curse words.

Audience: General. There is love but extraordinarily vague–there is nothing explicitly graphic sexually or violently within the pages of this book nor will there be. Due to battle scenes, I suggest 12/14 but they are far from graphic.

Genre: High Fantasy/Fantasy, Fan Fiction: Tolkien Based.

Characters: Some Canonical Mostly New (170+ new: 148 elves, 10 dwarves, 13/14 horses, 1 wizard/maiar, 5 Men–subject to change by Age, Book and Geographical Location). Current Appendix is 10 pages long–status is Editing. At the moment, I don’t know exactly where canonicals come in, but I believe it begins somewhere before Thranduil gets married and before the War of the Last Alliance (Chapter XIII).

Appendix: I have to break it into pieces for each individual book then put it back together for entire trilogy. Right now, it’s status is Editing. Full Bibliography of Sources Included (annotated when necessary).

Page Length: Original, 360. Currently: N/A. Alternate ending is 22 on its own (currently), Book III has reached 35 (est.) and I have yet to count Legolas’ journal. It is assured this book will reach at minimum 900 pages in length–at maximum 1000 or more.

Right now, with first 3 chapters of Book III: To Eryn Lasgalen, the book either 400 pages or over–not including Legolas’ journal: (I) Trenarn o Legolas Lasgalen Thranduilion.

I think I’m done here, though I guarantee there will be changes. Every story has them.–J.