The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy has a lot of verse. One should not attempt to write a Tolkien fan fiction without it, in my opinion. Whether its my “Minstrel of the Rhovanion” or even Thranduil doing it, there is a lot of it. I am no stranger to poetry–I’ve had it published before before the age of 20. I usually write it when I need to get something out of my system. This one just says so much without saying too much.

Interestingly, this particular piece was written one year ago today. I do not remember what  I wrote it for, but I know it was about sailing into the West. I thought having one thing to share on an “anniversary” would be neat. Without having much to say (and I talk a lot through writing because I am shy until you know me), I just thought this would be a nice, simple day. As I continue moving further into Book III (and posted the first entry from Trenarn o Legolas Lasgalen in all its glory), I wanted to think about simplicity today.–J.