This week, while trying to start work on Book III of my trilogy, I spent an hour on Pinterest trying to convince someone that my “quotes” are not in any Tolkien book. I should know–I use them for research to write about Thranduil who shows up in all of about one of them in any detail. I imagine they never read a Tolkien book because they would know there is not a chapter 19 called “Mirkwood” anywhere. It started to bother me, so I posted a new image to rectify the situation.


DISCLAIMER: This is an original fan fiction written specifically to follow Tolkien canon. Though there are events and relationships between new and canonical characters, the story itself is original and there are absolutely no passages, prose or quotes within this story that come from either The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings or any volume on the History of Middle Earth or the History of the War of the Ring written by J.R.R. Tolkien or Christopher Tolkien.

Exceptions may include common elven phrases whenever appropriate. The story falls within the historical chronology of Middle Earth and takes place in familiar places in the realm of Middle Earth. Other than these exceptions, The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy is completely original. It was and continues to be researched and developed in order to maintain an original and plausible storyline in the tradition of high fantasy writing set forth by J.R.R. Tolkien without disturbing the original work by the original author.

This book and its subsequent parts are not associated with the Tolkien Estate or any of its licensees, publishers or agencies.

I hope that clears up any confusion: I shutter at the thought of being confused with him for many reasons–one being that people are thinking I plagiarized Tolkien when I know full well I would never do that to him or anyone else. I am very proud of writing my own words (and I’ve written two adaptations–a musical and a book to play–that were well received by the authors themselves back when I was in high school). My biggest fear is failing Tolkien by not staying true to his world. I don’t care whether I sound like him, I want to know if the story works in his universe. I have lived in Mirkwood every single day for over a year and still do. I have to sound like I know Mirkwood. I should not sound like Tolkien–I should sound like an elf that has seen many things and lived through every one of them.

To top off an otherwise weird week of a) trying to convince my dad my book isn’t in Elvish so there is no need to translate it for him, b) convincing someone a Legolas quote isn’t in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings or The Silmarillion (because he’s talking to Thranduil, so anyone with even a basic knowledge of Tolkien should know better) and c) being sent endless messages on my Twitter from Book Publicists, I finished the first chapter of Book III: To Eryn Lasgalen only to put out a four alarm fire over the fact that some fans thought I was replacing Thranduil’s late wife (Êlúriel Nenluin) with her formally half-elven cousin Arímë because she kissed him the night before she would leave Mirkwood with her husband Haldúir after attending to the funeral of their daughter Súlelenth (who was married to Êlenuil, grandson of Thranduil’s first cousin Elranduil). People were worried I would have Thranduil remarry after they spent 19 chapters with Thranduil and Êlúriel. Enter the next “OMG, which book did this come from” quote:


That seemed to work–people thanked me for not giving Thranduil another wife even though they hate seeing him so sad without his wife. This forced me to rethink the alternate ending that fans wanted me to write after the one that is already done.

*I would like to now take this time to say, the above description of parts of Chapter I of Book III is probably confusing so let me recap Book II leading up that description in as little Tolkien-isms as possible: Thranduil shows up, flashes back, meets his future wife, marries, goes to war, father dies, crowned king, adopts best friend’s kid after his death, has Legolas, mother leaves with his wife’s father for Aman, Sauron takes Dol Guldur, wife dies in orc attack leaving Thranduil alone to raise two sons, rule his renamed kingdom, runs into Thorin, battle, returns home, cousin’s grandson meets late wife’s cousin’s daughter, marries and has twins that are named after Thranduil and Êlúriel, meets Aragorn and Gollum, Gollum escapes, Thranduil bonds with twins, then his wife’s cousin’s daughter married to his first cousin’s grandson dies, lots of conflict and now you are all caught up–somewhat.

Yes, this story is just as confusing as trying to make heads or tales of the first part of The Silmarillion without crib notes, flash cards and five indexes of Tolkien character descriptions and a 21 volume set of chronologies.

It can be safely stated that it is very obvious none of my quotes came from a Tolkien book and the next two Books in this trilogy are going to be more interesting to see what people have to say than writing it (probably not). On the upside, the fact that people know the plot and the characters is actually kinda cool. I was afraid no one read anymore–I read like a rabid junkyard worm from Spongebob Squarepants (you had to be there) so knowing people read anything is awesome–whether it is me or anyone else. I just have an affinity for readers and writers.–J.

[So, when I am not seriously finding all this attention weird because it is all new to me, I’m practicing writing with hilarious tales from the internal dialogue of Middle Earth or Gif Notes Saga: Thorin and Thranduil currently have ownership of the Hobbit Set and PJ can’t seem to get it back and the contractual agreements set up by Elrond and Lindir aren’t helping but at least now he knows Kíli and Fíli aren’t the youngest twin sons of Thranduil and are not the younger brothers of Bard and Legolas but now Thranduil wants Justin Timberlake as his personal valet and Smaug (the one Watson keeps reminding everyone is a Drama Queen) wants his own private plane. I love my work so much, I literally spend more time writing than eating–no wonder I only weigh 95 lbs. But I’m also only 5’3/4″ and exercise between breaks.]